RIPOFF RESPONSE: Bryan Dinkelacker Defamed After eBay Transaction Goes Bad

In response to the false and defamatory Ripoff Report filed against Bryan Dinkelacker (Reference #877110).


In summary:

  • Mr. Dinkelacker executed a transaction of minimal value on as a buyer purchasing item(s) from the seller, A.O of Fresno, CA.
  • The condition of the item purchased and received by Mr. Dinkelacker was greatly misrepresented and he requested a refund including return shipping costs from the seller.
  • The seller refused to refund the purchase amount including all shipping costs.
  • Mr. Dinkelacker, within his rights, left negative feedback for the seller in this transaction after attempting, and failing, to reach a resolution with the seller.
  • The seller became irate and proceeded to send abusive, defamatory and threatening emails to Mr. Dinkelacker in response to the negative feedback the seller received; including to vindictively file the very Ripoff Report in question as a retaliation for the appropriate negative feedback.
  • The Ripoff Report as filed by Mr. A.O against Mr. Dinkelacker is clearly abusive and defamatory, using vile language and false accusations as a way to retaliate against Mr. Dinkelacker through cyber-bullying and character defamation.



"I purchased something for my new baby to have when he got older, something I had when I was younger. The item arrived undamaged, however the condition was greatly misrepresented by the seller and was in very poor condition versus the "MINT CONDITION" as advertised.


I attempted to obtain a refund including shipping costs, but the seller refused. After attempts at rectifying the situation failed, I thought it my duty to hold the seller accountable and leave negative feedback for the seller so as to post warning to any future buyers that may seek to transact with the seller. I found that it wasn't to be the first negative feedback he had received. I then began to receive numerous threatening and abusive emails from the seller demanding I remove the negative feedback I left for him. The emails were very irate and irrational. They were equally abusive and defamatory. Lastly the seller told me he would have his revenge on me and threatened to leave a report for all to see.


This Ripoff Report he filed is terrible and completely false. There is no truth to anything this man has written and I can not believe this is allowed to happen. I tried getting the website company to remove it but they said that they "don't do that" and will only offer to "arbitrate" it if I pay the $2,000 "arbitration" fee. This seems like extortion to me and I am shocked this site is still allowed to operate. How can this be allowed to happen?!"

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There is not currently a lawsuit or arbitration over this issue



Recently a Florida Court of Appeals held that:


"The business practices of Xcentric [DBA], as presented by the evidence before this Court, are appalling. Xcentric appears to pride itself on having created a forum for defamation. No checks are in place to ensure that only reliable information is publicized." [REF]


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