Tracking Down Missing Children – Victims of Parental Abduction


by MICHAEL ROBERTS on August 19, 2013


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Traditional Parental Abduction Investigations by private investigators are often in collaboration with law enforcement agencies in countries that are party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. This is where they attempt to physically locate deadbeat parents who are refusing visitation to the other parent. Often these attempts to locate the elusive parents are hampered by ingenious attempts by the abductor to go undetected.

The broad adoption of modern communication services and devices, such as the Internet and cell phones, brings with then new techniques for locating these individuals.

Rexxfield specializes in digital forensics, geo-location and electronic surveillance. Parental abduction investigative services are available to aggrieved parents world-wide or the private investigators handling their case.

Many stalled parental abduction cases can now be reopened, thanks to our new electronic tracing capabilities;  often with high probabilities of success, even if we have very limited information about the target. As an example, by using communication devices to contact known associates of the abductor parent, through a processes we call ‘social engineering’ and ‘social forensics’, we are able to collect relevant and basic intelligence pertaining to the person of interest. As a result of this intelligence gathering, certain digital “incidents” might occur which narrow down the general or specific whereabouts of the person of interest.


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