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My case was turned over to Nick Rowley of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley LLP. When this was turned over to Mr. Rowley I was told what an amazing attorney, he was and how he had all these wins and was a fighter for the injured. So of course I went along because who are you to trust your lawyers? Right? Well, I did and was it a huge mistake I made to allow this. Mr. Rowley had me travel all over and do things that did nothing for my case and when I look back guess who pays the bill for all this? YOU THE CLIENT.


Mr. Rowley even went as far as giving me a blue pill right before court and I acted like I took it but I did not. I have the pill to this day and when I researched the pill, it was not an approved drug by the FDA. Which means it was bought illegally. So I kept this as I wanted my doctor to see this pill. When I saw my doctor, she had stated "with what he had you take before meeting him and then taking this bill here he gave you it could have caused serious medical issues. She was very happy I did not take the pill and she wanted the name of who is giving out drugs that are one not approved and two he is not a doctor. So we called the police regarding this and they say they can file charges on this. We have not yet done this but we have moved that way now. This goes to show in my owe opinion, this firm and Mr. Rowley will do anything to win a case.


Mr. Rowley settled my case for way under the value of the case. Then when this went to settlement conference, he hired another attorney a very close friend and old partner in a firm they were a part of and he was disbarred the night before the hearing. So no one showed up to represent me at this conference. Again, this goes to show the type of legal service you get from this firm.


Please follow the link to the blog below, there we will have a much more detailed report and court documents and emails to prove what we are saying. Please be advised to do research on this firm and Mr. Rowley before you use him or his firm. Also, there are other links below showing them being sued by former employee. Then read other reviews of clients on the other link. We are writing this in hopes others don't go through what we have. Please feel free to contact me threw the blog below. Also remember this is my story and my opinion not of the website this is posted on.



Casey F

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