BOMBSHELL: Does Earl Hardisty Really Believe Tracey Richter Is Innocent? - No Way! Dustin Wehde Was Murdered

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December 21, 2013


BOMBSHELL AUDIO RECORDING - Earl Hardisty, ex-County Attorney


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2004 Recording Earl Hardisty, Sheriff Ken McClure and Michael Roberts


I have never released this March 22, 2004 audio recording before; it has been kept secret. However, it does not leave much room for doubt as to what Earl Hardisty really thinks.


The mother of Tracey Richter, Anna Richter, offers a foundational argument for her daughter's innocence claiming that the previous County Attorney, Earl Hardisty, believes Tracey is innocent.


This recording was made in a meeting between myself (Michael Roberts), ex-County Attorney Earl Hardisty and Sheriff Ken McClure. This was made shortly after I decided to file for divorce, BUT I still wasn't convinced of Tracey's guilt. It was at this meeting that I first realized that Tracey Richter murdered Dustin Wehde. Evidently, the investigators thought I was protecting Tracey, they told me later that "we knew the case wouldn't break until your marriage broke".


I do not know if Earl Hardisty still publicly defends Tracey. Notwithstanding, if he does state this as his position, I believe it is only to compensate for his embarrassment for sitting on his hands for 10 years while Dustin's family grieved. I believe this was also the factor that resulted in his testimony at the murder trial. Earl Hardisty personally told my that Tracey "is the most cold-blooded killer in Iowa".

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