AUTHORIZED STATEMENT: Kay Wilson a.k.a "Kishkush" Israeli Tour Guide and terror victim finally responds to internet smear campaign by Jon Selby

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---- Begin Authorized Statement ---- 

Not everyone is held at knife point for 30 minutes, tied up and gagged only to be stabbed 13 times with a machete while watching a friend simultaneously butchered to death. I was.


Kay Wilson withe Kristine Luken's Parents At Murder Site While my friend Kristine Luken senselessly lost her life, I survived only because I managed to play dead as the stabbing continued. I sustained 13 perforations in my lungs and diaphragm, over 30 broken bones, 6 open fractures of my ribs, a crushed sternum, a dislocated shoulder and a broken shoulder blade.


During the attack I stabbed one of the terrorists lightly in the arm with a small penknife. When the murderers left the scene I managed to stand up. I wanted to get back to the path, to die there so that the police would find my body. Gagged, broken, bleeding, bound, barefoot and dying, I walked over a mile back through the forest and found help. 


After 6 weeks of a media blackout the police announced the arrest of the two terrorists and  the capture of an additional 11 people embroiled in a terror ring. The murderers confessed, I positively identified them, the forensic evidence was incriminating and judicial ruling unequivocal. They were sentenced to life imprisonment. Kay Wilson with Israel’s Attorney General Erez Padan


The Internet Smear Campaign by Jon Selby [More info]:


Upon my release from hospital I needed 24/7 care. Immediately thereafter a man commenced a relentless internet smear campaign against me, claiming I murdered Kristine. Even after the trial, he continues to ignore the evidence, the proud political confession of the attackers and the indisputable forensic evidence. His postings about me range from the ridiculous to the vulgar.


His main attacks against me suggest through innuendo that I was responsible for the murder of Kristine, that would mean that the injuries I sustained were self inflicted! Kay Wilson Survived Attempted Murder Israel


Due to trauma, I have been unable to deal with this situation, until now...


As with my physical assailants, I had been playing dead with this man also. Two and a half years have passed since the murder and at last I feel strong enough to pursue the justice needed to clear my name.


Upon advice by a trusted counsellor, I engaged a private investigator, Michael Roberts of, who specializes in cyber-crime. His team has now inexorably linked the anonymous defamatory and harassing web pages to the prime suspect.


Message to my antagonist:



  • Never again will I be held hostage, physical or emotional - terrified of my captor's next move
  • Never again will I plead for my life - not from the Hamas or people like yourself
  • Never again will I be gagged, deprived of my basic right to cry out for help.
  • Never again will I be bound, denied the privilege to do all that I can to save my life.
  • Never again will I be the victim of any physical or emotional terror.
  • My freedom of speech has been restored
  • My hands have been untied by justice I am no longer captive, I am gloriously free! Free to act as I deem fit.

Therefore, despite your merciless, emotional terrorism against me, in the spirit of Yom Kippur, I announce to you that I will choose justice and mercy, not vengeance. I am even prepared to help you save face. I am offering you a final opportunity to avoid public disclosure of the facts under the following conditions:

  1. All defamatory materials immediately removed from all websites
  2. Reimbursement of the US$5,000.00 I have paid for the private investigation that uncovered the evidence.
  3. Other reasonable restitution.
  4. If necessary, an uncontested agreed court order, at your expense, that the statements were defamatory so that Google, yahoo etc will remove the persistent defamatory materials from their search engine results (this order can be sealed from public disclosure).
  5. If you submit to my demands, I promise to waive my rights with respect to any civil remedy or restitution I might have against you in a court of law.

Failure to agree to these reasonable terms, which are a concession very much in your favour, will result in full disclosure of the pertinent history and the result of the investigation. I will also press criminal charges and litigation appropriate to your wrong doing.


Yom Kippur ends this Sabbath, 14th September, 2013 at 19:24hrs (Jerusalem time), the evidence and contextual background information will be released at that time.

---- End Authorized Statement ---- 

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