DISTURBING: Armstrong Steel Buildings protection fees to Deplorable Troll - Ethan Chumley, CEO


Recently a Florida Court of Appeals held that:

"The business practices of Xcentric[DBA RipOffReport.com], as presented by the evidence before this Court, are appalling. Xcentric appears to pride itself on having created a forum for defamation. No checks are in place to ensure that only reliable information is publicized." [REF]


Ethan Chumley's Armstrong Steel Buildings is participating in the so called "Ripoff Report Verified" program. It is assumed that Armstrong Steel Buildings is paying off RipOffReport.com, which is owned by Ed Magedson's Xcentric Ventures, LLC, in what Attorney at law Don Bivens alleged to be a "a classic shakedown". [REF]

Indeed, Google seems to have not long ago named Ripoffreport.com as using "Unacceptable Business Practices" [REF]

This is a problematic problem for both Armstrong Steel Buildings and the general public. By compensating cash to Ed Magedson, Armstrong Steel Buildings is in effect motivating his dreadful business practices. But they may not think that they have a choice. [REF]

There are most likely basically three reasons for a business enterprise to participate in this arrangement:

Scenario 1:

There are reliable customer complaints published with respect to Armstrong Steel Buildings. As a consequence, Ethan Chumley, or some other delegate, authorized monthly payments to RipOffReport.com to either subdue, or remove the antagonistic comments in Google search results. In reward for such an agreed payment Ed Magedson, or a staff member, changes the original grievance into a positive light and then posts what resembles an affirmative assessment of Armstrong Steel Buildings.

Scenario 2:

Or, there were simply hateful and deceitful denunciations posted with respect to Armstrong Steel Buildings, by a poison-pennd antagonist, to tamper with the activities of Armstrong Steel Buildings, typically with the hope of economic gain. Ripoff report is a fashionable platform for ruthless people to damage their respectable and truthful opponents. It has been our experience that this is one of the most probable circumstance for a large part of reviews on Ripoffreport.com. This is not automatically an indication for this scenario. Many people refuse to kowtow to Ed Magedson's cash demands and prefer to take the noble route, as detrimental as it may be, as opposed to paying him off. The following Google search sets aside RipOffReport.com, it is a fast way to make an appraisal as to the legitimacy of Armstrong Steel Buildings, but keep in mind, don't take for granted every thing you read on Google.


LINK: Google search for Armstrong Steel Buildings

Follow this link for an example of Ed Magedson's sales pitch to victims of defamation on Ripoff Report [LINK]

Scenario 3:

Least likely, Armstrong Steel Buildings is paying to be included in the RipOffReport.com verified program just to get their trade name on page 1 of Google a result of ROR's formidable search ranking. This is least likely because a sensible professional would find the idea of having the term "ripoff" in association with their trademark, simply untenable. It could be that they are so scared of having a fallacious review published about them later and want to make a preemptive move to offset that prospect.

Irregardless of the reason for participating in the program, our group of RipOffReport.com boycott protestors are dumbfounded in Armstrong Steel Buildings's choosing to further enable and patronize the schemes of Ed Magedson. This may be comparable to promoting cigarettes, or any vein of other unfair or illegal scheme. As an example, if 'individuals' stops paying for drugs from a dope peddler, the dealer will have to go flip burgers something worthwhile for society.


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Why does Google rank Ripoffreport.com so high in search results?


US Section 230C of the Communication Decency Act - Why it needs to be changed (because it gives Ed Magedson immunity).


Ripoffreport Victims' Action Group.

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