DEFAMED: Jack Brown III, CEO, of Community First Services, Inc. - Response to Fallacious Article By Disgraced Journalist Sam Dolnick of New York Times

For Immediate Release

Brooklyn, NY, USA Jul 28, 2013

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I was recently defamed by a journalist with nepotistic connections to the NY Times management. Sam Dolnick was simply trying to sell "page views" on his employer's website, this web traffic brings advertising revenue at the expense of his victims and readers. Although he was moved to the sports desk after his ethical breaches were exposed, his damage to our team persists.

The content of the linked article is quoted verbatim therein. The text and & Sam's Photo are reproduced under the "fair use" doctrine and provisions of U.S. copyright laws for news, education and criticism.   Journalist Sam Dolnick of the New York Times


The comprehensive response to Sam Dolnick's Defamatory Article is available [HERE]


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